The most important thing is freshness.

We pole-line each tuna from the fish tank to keep its taste and shape.

It is not easy to handle grown tuna weighing over 80kg. We give the tuna an electric shocks and gaff it into the boat. Shipping tuna is a work against time. Faster action provides better taste. Teamwork is the key to delivering tasty Miyabi-maguro.

We pole-line each tuna from the fish tank.
We gaff the tuna into the boat.
After gaffing onto the boat, we take out the gills and inner parts, then put them into the tank with ice.
The tanks are unloaded from the boat, then refrigerated overnight at the tuna market.
Washing the tuna before the shipping.
Putting the tuna on a trolley, and placing them on a table for shipping not to give them any bruise.
Gently sliding the tuna into the shipping case.
The shipping case is filled with ice.

Ready for shipping.